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The Attitude of Gratitude, Not just for Thanksgiving!

October 5, 2017

Hey FC Crew,

*FightClub will be closed on Monday October 9th for Thanksgiving*


When I think about Thanksgiving day, the one word that comes to mind is Gratitude. Learning to show Gratitude is a key part of training at FightClub. Modern society encourages us to expect everything to be handed to us on a plate, and often, we are given whatever we want, and never have to learn to properly appreciate life’s gifts. SYSTEMA training at FightClub can help all of us develop a healthy sense of gratitude, and learn to appreciate the gifts and opportunities life gives.


How FightClub Students demonstrate gratitude:

-They acknowledge the part that fellow students (training partners) play in their own well-being and learning

-They appreciate the simple things in life – Breathing, moving and having fun while training

-They realize the importance of expressing gratitude – After class we always reflect and share our experiences

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone this Monday! 


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