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Five Intense Days of Systema Training

May 1, 2018


Hey FC Crew,

Just got back last night from a wonderful seminar I taught in France! In five intense days of training, we covered so much material. 

A big thank you to everyone that attended the seminar in France last weekend. Without your presence, there would be nothing and for that I am thankful. A special thank you to Vincent, Benoit, and Aziz. Each of you is so authentic and has grown so much over the years. It is such a pleasure to help you grow a little each time.  

I hope that the five days we spent together will help you understand what you already know and do, a little better and deeper. We covered so much material and time seemed to just melt away. 

To me, the very soul of an individual hungers for ‘genuine being’, and that willingness to take on that responsibility to accomplish this is identical to the decision to live a good life. If we each ‘learn hard’, we will collectively flourish. 

Blessings and Best wishes to you all as you study and process the material I covered in the seminar. ~ emmanuel manolakakis



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** References material **

  • “Learning Hard, Not training Hard”
  • Make your bed and clean your room – As a metaphor for you to organize your mind and thinking
  • Make yourselves (and others) ’anti-fragile’ – Antifragile by Nassim Taleb (book)
  • HeadSpace (app) – A good starting point to understand how your mind works 
  • 12 Rules for Life by Jordan B. Peterson (book)
  • “Be able to leave the person you are (at any moment), for the person you could become”
  • “Stop imagining what can go wrong and start thinking about what can go right”


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