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How can I improve my archery stance?

January 11, 2019


How can I improve my archery stance?

The Feet

The foot that is behind the shooting line must remain parallel to the shooting line or slightly rotated a couple of degrees toward “down range”. If the foot is rotated away from the target or opposite of the direction of shooting you will apply excessive loads on the knee and prohibit proper hip alignment.

The foot that is forward or down range of the shooting line should be parallel to the line or slightly pointing in the direction of the target down range. If your feet are spaced too close together or spaced too wide apart then you will become bilaterally unstable – meaning you will experience more swaying of the upper body and have less ability to hold your aim.

If your body weight is properly distributed, your feet should give you the sensation of being well planted firmly on the ground and you will experience less of a rocking sensation.


Posture is among the critical aspects of archery form and execution.

Proper archery posture facilitates better power transmission from your core muscles which gives you the strength to perform the shot execution many times over while maintaining consistent results without excess fatigue.


In order to shoot consistent and accurately placed arrows, you must maintain proper alignment throughout the shot execution. Alignment of the body and the mass weight of the equipment will assure a shooting platform that is solid and stable. Foot and leg position along with hip, shoulder and head alignment and lowering your centre of gravity are just part of creating a solid foundation.

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