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Silence is Control

February 14, 2017

Found this on FaceBook and wanted to share it wth everyone. Principles and application to SYSTEMA are wonderful! Guess what we will be dong in class this week? 🙂 

Parkour Du Silence – Silence is control

by Stephane Vigroux 

How often do you really pay attention to the movements you do everyday?

If you haven’t heard about this training principle before let me introduce you to this gem: Le Parkour du Silence.

David Belle taught me this concept which came directly from his father who had to use “Parkour du Silence” in real situations during the war in Vietnam.

Parkour du Silence is quite a simple yet powerful principle. Move in absolute silence and with the most control. If you play alone with friends or students here are the rules:

1- Do not talk

2- Make no noise when moving 

3- Move very slowly with a lot of control and awareness

Simple and yet very intense. If done properly you will raise your body temperature quite a lot simply by moving slowly with extreme control. One way of doing it (there are several other variations to it) is to work on a parkour route and move very slowly through it whilst being aware of every single movement, as tiny or big as they are, at all times. All this being very silent of course. Because silence means control. Training displacement very slowly without use of any momentum but just pure strength in slow motion develops quality and awareness of movement.

How many movements do you do every day? Since you woke up this morning, stood up, got out of bed, brushed your teeth, walk, put your shoes on, climb up or down the stairs etc…How many movements have you done and how aware were you while doing them? The truth is we have busy and rushed lives and we are not aware of almost all of our movements and we do most of them automatically without much attention nor intention.

Parkour du Silence is a great tool to help you be aware of a movement you do while you are doing it. Getting into the details and the breakdown of simple motions like walking, but also more advanced like a muscle up for example. If you’ve ever tried to walk extremely slow you’d notice it actually changes the form of your walk. Without momentum it changes the balance dynamic. Same goes with a muscle up. Using no swing, no momentum, but only the strength of the muscles, you’ll build a different form and a lot of quality and control.

Also used as a sort of meditative training tool, moving very slowly and in silence brings you to the here and now, highly increases focus and makes you fully aware of small details in your movement but also your environment. Where you put your foot or hand, on what surfaces and in which position, the rhythm of your breathing etc…

Among the thousands of movements you do everyday you will benefit much in spending 10-15 minutes focusing on a few of them and moving without making a sound.

Shhhhh, let’s move…

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