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July 4, 2019


Our hands are auto reactors, providing some of our body’s quickest muscle reaction. If we hold our hands up and pop our wrists, we can do that repeatedly very quickly. If someone were to throw a punch at us, our hands would quickly and automatically pop up in defense.

I was a baseball player in my younger days, I don’t have to think about a ball thrown to me. My hands react to the direction of the ball and make the catch without having to think about it. My hands automatically go to the ball without any thought or direction. Yes, the hands are auto reactors. Now, let’s apply this to our martial arts mechanics. Here is a little clip from class last week where I talked about trusting your hands.

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Upcoming FC Seminar

Desirable Difficulties

“A seminar about dealing with frustrations and growing from it”

Saturday July 20th, 2019 from 1-4pm

Cost: $100 – To register email today.


Forge Resolve

Work with inner conflicts

The Paradox of Control

Wealth of Options

Complexity of Challenges

Transformation of Frustration

Recovering Harmony


In training and in life we are looking for ‘Desirable Difficulties’. These are challenges that we initially frustrate us but if used properly will help us grow. This seminar will help you in so many ways – I guarantee it!


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