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A handshake and hello …

March 26, 2019

Hey FC Parents,

One of the things I have taught my son and daughter as kids was to shake hands and greet people with a, “Hello, how are you?” The simple gesture of physical contact and genuine interest is a great way for kids to learn to communicate. Here are some things to work on when teaching children to greet in this manner:

  1. Eye contact: Maintain before the handshake, during the handshake, and when talking.
  2. Good grip: Teach them to shake back and not be afraid to squeeze a little to show the other person they are there!
  3. Speak clearly: When asking a question or saying hello, make sure the kids are speaking audible and clean.
  4. Listen: When asking the question, “How are you today?”, teach your kids to listen and respond appropriately.

All this sound very basic but in our complex and fast-paced society, these things are being forgotten. Try to use the ‘handshake and hello’ as a way of showing kids how to better communicate.

See you at FC,


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