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Adversity and Crisis

June 13, 2018


Adversity is a form of spiritual crisis triggering many emotional responses such as self-doubt, loss of confidence, frustration, panic, pressure, anxiety, and stress. Yet like all crises, it can become a gift in disguise. In order to discover this opportunity from adversity or crisis, you, like a champion, show determination. 

“A tree hemmed in by giants, Requires tenacity to survive”

Learning how to ‘see’ your stresses (troubles) in the correct light allows you to find solutions much quicker and take all the positive benefits from them to boot! Something to think about the next time you training at FC.  

Here is a little demo from a seminar in France this year where I was working with Benoit. I was inflicting lots of stresses (strikes) and let him overcome the adversity. The main goal is to not just endure but to feel inner growth and power. 

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