Don’t laugh it’s a big problem for many people!

All crave success, and virtually everyone wants to succeed. However, there is a major obstacle many faces when pursuing success — FEAR! 

Fear can be described as a two-edged sword that can propel one for success at the same time it can be an instrument for one’s downfall or failure. Over the next three week we will be looking at a few things that might be responsible for your fears and active steps to be taken to conquer them all.

Have you experienced the feeling that you get when you see a successful person, that feeling of wanting to be like them? where you judgmental on how they achieved their success?

That feeling is normal but one thing I realized from years of self-defense training is that many tell their stories as a journey of being relentless, countless hours of unseen hard work, and consistency. Successful people take the bull by the horn and work towards achieving success. Success is usually never given on a platter of gold; it is something you work towards every single day.


Fear of judgments: Most of the times our opinions about how others achieved their success become the root of our fears. The negativity in your judgments of others success has been what in one way or another affecting us. This simple key means that the thought of being judged the same way we judge others forms the basis of our fear of success. Therefore it is advised we jubilate and celebrate with others in success because surely one good turn deserves another. This is the key to conquering this particular fear.

So if someone you know accomplishes something great, be happy for them. Genuinely happy too! People can feel when it is not! This is the internal work that most people don’t want to look at because its to hard. Systema training at FightClub incorporates internal and external work in such a way that each student grows on both levels.

Like all things, you need to practice them to get good. So apply this going forward at home, work and when training at FightClub.

PS – A good friend is one that s honest. If you know someone who is afraid of success (we all have one of those). Be a good friend and share this with them. Better yet get them to FC and show them the good things we are doing on the mats!

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