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Am I the PhysEd Teacher Now?

April 7, 2020


Hey FC Parents & Kids,

The first live video training session for the kids was a great success. It was so good to see them and continue to mentor and teach them through truly difficult times. One of the parents even commented afterward that “I am the PhysEd teacher now” …LOL.

Youth FightClub Live-Video Training Sessions will be  every Monday, Wednesday and, Friday from 1-1:30 pm.

The health benefits of Systema are countless and time seems right now to explore them in greater detail. Not to mention we are all so bored at home and really need to move, flex & stretch muscles and breathe more …

The live video training sessions are a new thing for me. I’m learning and figuring this stuff out on the go, so please be patient.

How does this work you ask?

1. Log into zoom.us and create an account. It’s very simple (name and email address).

2. Send me your email address too  em@fight-club.ca 

3. I will then send you an invite to the Live-Video Training Session

4. The invite will have a “Join Zoom Meeting” link and a meeting ID#. (Just click on the link or add the meeting ID#).

5. I recommend using your laptops, but you can also use a smartphone.

6. You will need some open space – Nothing crazy but enough to move around a little.

7. Sign in Zoom 5-10 minutes early so I can ‘Admit’ you into the live session. If your late (past 1pm) I cannot got back and ‘Admit’ you into the session. Its just hard to teach and class and work the computer at the same time. I’m doing this on my own, so I hope you understand.

* Please don’t forget to register your account on zoom and then email me your email address *

“Active body, active mind, 

Strong body, strong mind”

Hope to see you all in the online sessions,



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