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Another School Year is about to Begin! 

September 2, 2019


Hey FC Parents and Kids,

Here we go again, another school year has begun. I’ve got a great curriculum planned for the kids this September till December.

The world is so much more complex than when I was in school and I’m sure you feel the same as I do. Our youth must develop and use the skill of creativity more and more as the world progresses towards a new age. This is why I put such a big emphasis on this during the Systema training at FightClub.

In a global world, creativity is essential. Through the use of creative thinking, youth learn to be innovative and flexible in a world in which they will act as leaders and influencers.

Individuals first need to understand creativity. Creativity can be defined as the ability to think beyond the traditional into the imagined; it also involves viewing things through a new light. Creativity looks for a deeper meaning that leads to deeper solutions, looking at everyday things, events or the world as a whole as if new combinations of ideas would lead to something more profound in understanding and finding solutions to problems.

By having the kids at FightClub learn how to be creative with breathing, moving, various exercises, working with different partners/ages/genders, walking and talking with each other, and so much more I try to cultivate lots creativity.

Creativity is usually associated with the arts (martial arts), but when elevated to “creative thinking” it can apply to world problems, such as global warming and interaction between countries, world economics, world politics or world understanding. When thinking globally, being able to understand the “big picture” is only part of what is considered creative thinking. Understanding the “big picture” and being able to influence the outcome of problems, issues or topics of concern is the more realistic use of the creative process.

All this might sound a lot for kids to comprehend (and it very well might be), but I would rather them hear it early, hear it often and pick up even 20% of it rather than waiting till they are older.

Kids are so clever these days and I love to challenge them! Something I feel our schools don’t do enough of… Feel free to share this with parents you know and care about. Tell them to bring their kids for a few free lessons so they can see how important and vital the lessons taught at FightClub our for kids.



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