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Are You Gripping the Bow too Tightly?

October 9, 2020

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A common mistake for new archers, when they learn how to shoot a recurve bow is incorrectly gripping the bow or gripping the bow too tightly.

It’s natural to think that tightly gripping the bow would help you steady it for an accurate shot, but in fact, tightly gripping the bow causes torque which causes inaccuracy.

The bow handle should be placed in the web of your hand between your thumb and pointer finger. These two fingers almost form a shelf for the riser to rest on. Your palm should rest lightly on the grip.

The other fingers on your bow hand should exert little to no pressure if any. You can allow them to point forward or gently wrap them around the grip naturally. Some archers prefer to curl the remaining fingers on the side of the grip.

Watch Emmanuel explain the proper way to grip a bow … The Grip


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