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Attention To Detail in Archery and Life 

May 24, 2018


Archery is about repeating the same mechanics time-after-time. These small details can make all the difference between expertise and mediocrity. Repeatability of your anchor point, sight picture and release are key elements of archery. These may sound simple, but as every archer knows, they require practice. Getting your kids into archery will help them pay attention to appreciate the small things.

As a teacher in martial arts, at public schools, high schools and at universities I have seen a lot over 25 years. Attention to detail is something that is directly reflective of someone’s life. This is not a unique characteristic for some to have… It is a skill you develop.

Summertime is a great time to come and try archery at FightClub. Parents if you know someone who is interested or have kids that could use some work on ‘attention’ – why not try archery?

Here are the details to get started …. Introductory Course in Archery



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