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Fourth Annual FightClub Archery Pumpkin Shoot!

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The much anticipated Pumpkin Shoot will be this Friday, November 8th. Plenty of Prizes & Treats too. Please bring your smallish size pumpkins to class.

See you everyone tomorrow at 5 pm sharp!




Learning to Breathe and Relax in Archery

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Being able to breathe properly and to relax is going to be extremely important. Professional archers believe that most of their accuracy comes from the ability to focus. Being able to take a proper breath when shooting is also going to play a major role. The moment you shoot that arrow your body and your breathing need to be in perfect harmony.


Training at FightClub is a great option if you feel you are having a hard time learning to focus. I have never been a very hyperactive or restless person, so focusing was not too hard for me, but I know a lot of people struggle with this. Systema [a.k.a. Russian Martial Art] is an excellent way for anyone to avoid this problem. You will learn how to breathe and it might seem like we all know how to do this naturally, but breathing for focus and relaxation is an entirely different thing.

Once you combine all of these important factors into your practice sessions, you are going to be able to get optimal results. The following steps are a bit more advanced, but they are going to be extremely important if you want to make the most out of each practice session. All archery students are welcome to try the Systema classes at FightClub for no charge. Come and see for yourself how both the archery and martial art are closely connected. Just send me an email to systema@fight-club.ca 



The Basics of Effective Practice

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You could spend one hundred hours practicing something the wrong way, and you won’t get any substantial results in terms of progress. On the other hand, you can practice with proper form, technique and in the ideal setting, and you will upgrade your skills within just a couple of hours. Practice smart, not hard, but if you can practice smart and hard, that’s even better.

The first thing that you need to do is learn to focus and concentrate during practice. You can’t be thinking about what you will be doing later during the day. You need to be mindful of your posture, your technique, and your breathing. This means that you should be practicing in a quiet location. No music, no talking, and no noise. This is truly the most basic and important thing to consider when practicing archery.

I mentioned being mindful of your posture, but before you do that, you need to learn proper posture techniques. I would say that you need to focus on posture before you even practice shooting. Learn proper hand placement, arm positioning and height. You also need to learn feet position, back and shoulder posture – once you do this, you can start to practice the process of going from an idle position to a shooting position.

This is going to be a great way for you to practice for a while. You can shoot if you want, but I would think that focusing on proper posture and getting ready for a shot would be ideal at first. Remember that everything related to archery should be learned with muscle memory as the main goal. With that said, you don’t want that muscle memory to be acquired with improper posture.

You have to master your posture basics and your anchor points. Then you can start to practice shooting with the posture you learned. Then you can start doing minor tweaks on your posture to benefit your shooting accuracy. This is going to be a process that allows your intuition and your experience to help create your own style.

Seen you on the range Friday.



Practice makes Perfect

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Have you ever wondered how the best archers in the world spend their practice time?

Practice makes perfect – this is the best way to describe anything that you want to learn to do properly. I have made all kinds of mistakes when practicing with the bow and arrow. All of them could have been prevented if I had known a few important things. This is the reason why I decided to write a blog about proper practice.

I would say that experience helps you learn proper practice techniques. At the same time, it’s good to learn without having to experience trial and error. This is going to save you a lot of time and frustration. It’s really up to you if you want to go into this journey without much help. Some people like figuring things out for themselves when it comes to technique.

The reason why the title reads, “practice like you compete” is that you need to take your practice time seriously even if you don’t compete. Over the next few week’s I will be sharing my personal tips to help you make your practice time more valuable.

Stay tuned for more … these tips are going to be very useful.



Holding Steady

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While playing archery, how to hold steady a bow is a popular question. I summing up the answer like this … maximum relaxation is the key to keeping the bow constant. If you bend a muscle, it shakes; it would be stable if you would relax your muscles. You cannot relax completely, but by using the skeletal system, you can relax most of your muscles because the bones should be stable as well as the muscles.


You should use the muscles that are larger and strongest, the ones closest to the spinal cord, to hold up and back the body. The farthest from the backbone, the less steady it is. Relax your arm and let your bow shoulder hang from the bones of your shoulder. The sight pin and forearm of the release hand must be relaxed, and the elbow should be pretending to do everything. This is used to hold back and up with a large muscle between the shoulder blades. Concentrate on rest factors and your steady arch, once you achieve the anchor position.

Finally, you’ll never be steady if you shoot a bow with tension. So try and feel as relaxed as you can. Pull back and settle into your shot, let the arrow fly with relaxation.

See you today,




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