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Archery Classes are Still a Go! 

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Good News!

I just checked with the Ontario Provincial Government about stage 2 lock down measures. While restaurants and fitness facilities are closed – archery ranges are fine to remain open.

So all Archery Classes are still a go! 


Youth Archery Training 5-6 pm

Adult Archery Training 6-7 pm


Youth Archery Training 5-6 pm

Adult Archery Training 6-7 pm

* I am also considering adding in a Wednesday night 7:15 – 8:30 pm. Just email me if you’re interested. It’s going to be a long winter so maybe it’s a good way of getting out of the house *

Hope to see you on the range,



Are You Gripping the Bow too Tightly?

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[ FightClub will be closed this Monday for Thanksgiving]

A common mistake for new archers, when they learn how to shoot a recurve bow is incorrectly gripping the bow or gripping the bow too tightly.

It’s natural to think that tightly gripping the bow would help you steady it for an accurate shot, but in fact, tightly gripping the bow causes torque which causes inaccuracy.

The bow handle should be placed in the web of your hand between your thumb and pointer finger. These two fingers almost form a shelf for the riser to rest on. Your palm should rest lightly on the grip.

The other fingers on your bow hand should exert little to no pressure if any. You can allow them to point forward or gently wrap them around the grip naturally. Some archers prefer to curl the remaining fingers on the side of the grip.

Watch Emmanuel explain the proper way to grip a bow … The Grip



Docking Your Boat

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Anchoring. No, we aren’t talking about docking a boat. We’re referring to the position your draw hand takes as you pull back a bowstring. Each person’s chosen anchor point must rest on their face in the same spot, shot after shot.

Anchoring occurs right after you pull the bowstring to full draw. Think about aligning your arm and shoulder muscles to hold it solidly in place. Anchor your hand, the one you’re pulling with, on your face in a spot that feels comfortable and repeatable, this is usually along the jaw-line. Archery is all about consistency, and anchoring is vital for achieving it.

Watch Emmanuel explaining the anchor position The Anchor Position



Set & Set-Up Positions – Training Video

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The Set Up step seems relatively straight forward…after all, you are just raising the bow right?

The reality is anyone can do this without a lot of thought but if it is done incorrectly you can easily restrict yourself from achieving proper upper body alignment.

Watch Emmanuel explain the proper “Set” & “Set-Up” positions necessary to achieve greater results.

Let’s get started… “Set & Set-Up Positions” – Steps 4 & 5 in Steps of Shooting



Setting a Good Grip & Hook

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The way archers position themselves to shoot an arrow is known as their technique- and not all archers use the same technique. But there are common techniques that archers need to know to give themselves a good foundation so they can progress.

This week we will be studying a good ‘Grip and Hook’. Here is a video that you need to watch before class.

The Grip and Hook





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