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Point and Aim

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Aiming in archery is one of the most important steps (actually they are all important) in the shot sequence.

It’s important to learn how to aim the arrow while remaining focused on your overall shooting form.



From the Transfer and Hold step begin the aiming process by looking down the shaft of the arrow and placing the point on the target.

Pause for a couple of seconds (1.5-2.5 seconds to be exact) to refocus on your overall form.

Your weight should be evenly distributed on both feet, your hips should be over your knees and feet, lower back should be flat and chest down.

Check that your grip is not tight (relax the grip fingers) and make certain your bow arm elbow is rotated.

Carefully sight up the bowstring and line it up with the center of the bow limbs.


Is this You? & Valentine’s Day Class

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Hey FC Archers,

This Friday I have a special Valentine’s day archery class, so don’t miss out on the class!


Is this you? Lately, I have been noticing many students with a floating anchor position. This is not good. Please watch the video below for more detailed examples.



The Anchor

Archery is a sport of and accuracy and the anchor position is your key to shooting consistent tight arrow groups time after time.

Let’s get started…

The only effective way to shoot well every single time is with a solid and consistent anchor position. If your anchor is different for each shot, your arrow will impact the target at different locations even if you had the same point of aim with each shot.

Some archers are afraid of the bowstring being to close to the face and consequently, they cannot achieve a consistent anchor position. I call this a floating-anchor which is actually an oxymoron. An anchor simply cannot float and be effective at the same time.

Make a mental note of where you position your index finger near the side of your mouth until you find a comfortable place that you will use every time you anchor.



Are you Drawing back Properly?

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Three things to keep in mind when drawing back your bow;

1] Keep your bow arm straight and pointed at the target

2] Pull the string back with your back muscles rather than mostly your arm and shoulder

3] Anchor your drawing hand to the same position on your face before every shot

The first needs little explanation. You should be making sure that your bow holding arm is kept as straight as possible, and is pointed towards the target that you are attempting to shoot.

To pull with your back muscles, think about pinching your shoulder blades together, almost as if you were trying to get them to touch. This movement is fairly unique to archery, so some training in the gym or with a flex band will help with getting the movement down. Puffing out your chest will also help with this. Your arm and shoulder will still do some work, but your back should be taking the majority of the load, as it is the largest muscle group involved in drawing the bow. Pulling with your back muscles will take some practice, but when done properly, it will help to reduce shoulder injuries and muscle fatigue, allowing you to shoot accurately for longer periods of time.


1st Place in the IFAA Provincial Archery Championships 

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Archery is one of those activities that requires a little instruction followed by a lot of practice. An instructor can break things down into parts,but  the student must play with the parts and put them back together. This process promotes self mastery.

“Good Habits Lead to Self Mastery”

This self—mastery usually does not happen automatically, but it can be learned by almost any student with Correct study Habits and a good study environment.

There are so many benefits that await most students both young and old who learn to self—teach and then apply this skill to their work, school and life.

1st Place in the IFAA Provincial Archery Championships 


Commitment to Passion leads to Success!

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Commitment is within every successful person – you’ll find it in every single one of them. With businessmen and women, they’re committed to becoming the strongest in their field. With sports players, they’re committed to training every day and being able to play the sport professionally. With writers, they’re committed to writing even when the tough days come around. As soon as the commitment had been made, the passion became more than just a hobby for these people and they promised themselves success.

If you want to improve your archery shooting this year , take this simple first step and commit to your training on Monday’s and Friday’s. Practice a little at home with the bands or watch the many good Olympian Archers (on Youtube) and you’ll have the motivation to get through the tricky days (and weeks, months, and years)!



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