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I just wanted to touch base with everyone … I have not forgotten about you!

Our situation with the ‘Corona Virus’ has not changed yet but hopefully sometime in the near future. Till then be safe and keep your distance. I really miss seeing you learning, shooting, and the fun times in our little East York archery range.

PS – When we return we’ll be shooting Corona Virus Targets! 🙂

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Russian Systema Many Benefits


In a society that rewards looking after yourself, before anyone else, the thought of considering the other person first is difficult. This is where the true mastery of the ‘System’ lies. Being connected to people in a positive and powerful way, gives your life purpose and meaning. The next time, you’re training at the gym with your partner, help show them their weaknesses.

A lot of what makes Russian Systema so unique is the creative opportunity that is afforded to us during class time. Use it wisely. This is where your purpose comes in. Ask yourself – what are you trying to accomplish from the training?

How many times have you trained and really only satisfied your ego. This is the most fruitless thing you can do. By considering your partner, you immediately become more aware of everything you do as well. This means your learning!! Your partner will also feel that your intention is not a competitive one and will start to look at the things they are doing more closely. That means that their learning!!! The atmosphere that is created as a result becomes a more positive one.

There are many benefits to martial arts. One of which is in the true spirit of martial arts – consider your self the ‘architect’ of your own greatness. Build something wonderful, but stay connect by helping others as well for it will give you much more than you can ever imagine.

toronto systema training

Archery – 3 Tips



This is important from when you first learn archery. If you don’t learn a good body angle with stance correctly it’s difficult to have consistent distance groups. Practice the correct body angle!


The fingers on the string are one of two points of contact between the archer and the bow. An accurate hook will make for a precise release and it will ensure stable finger positioning. The key is to removing tension and making sure the wrist is not bent. Make sure your finger tab fits your hand correctly, too.


As a beginner, before shooting, you should practice training your release first. Practice the feeling, direction, and distance of your releasing fingers, he says – as this first method you learn will remain a habit for a long time.


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Children’s Martial Arts Training – Summer Camp


FightClub Summer MMA Camp

Martial Art – Movement – Archery

Date: August 4-7

Time: 9am-4pm

Ages: 8-12 years old

Cost: $495

Class Size: 12 Students

* Register by March 31st limited space available*

Why FightClub Camp?


* Learn first hand from the Head Instructor (not junior teachers)

* Small group size (1-12 ratio)

* Physically & mentally Challenging 

* Focused on Personal Growth & Development

What does the daily Schedule look like?


9:00to 10:15 am Movement Matters

10:15 to 10:45am Break “Feel Play”

10:45 to 12:00 Archery – Lesson

12:00 to 1:00 Lunch Break

01:00 to 2:15 Martial Arts – Systema

2:15 to 2:45 Break “Free Play”

2:45 to 4:00 Archery – Tournemant

What will the kids learn?


Martial Art (Systema)

– A comprehensive look at Systema Russian Martial Art

– Focused on Children’s martial arts training

– Exploring all aspects of martial art training

– Deeper understanding of how to integrate lessons into life



– A complete Introduction into olympic style archery

– Safely Rules and Range Etiquette

– Shooting Form

– Tournament scoring and matches


Movement Matters

– Physical & Mental Health Topics

– Strength, Flexibility, Coordination, Balance

– Breathing

– Mindfulness

* Official camp hours are 9:00 am to 4:00 pm daily.

Drop-off is available at 8:30am, and we offer complementary aftercare until 5:00pm. Accommodations for extended care can be arranged at an extra cost. Please ask me if this is something you need *


toronto systema training

Systema – Working with Weight

The Psychological Effect of Working with Weight

Working with weight highlighted some interesting psychological effects.

For example, one student remarked to me after the seminar that working with weight allowed him to remain more calm. Work with muscular effort can lead to rushing; as soon as you see a way to work against your partner, you can try to force your ideas into reality with your muscles. However, work with weight depends on the rhythm and feel of your partner, and you therefore need to wait for the right opening; like a jazz musician who needs to time their entry into the song with the rest of the band. For some students, this may change the anxiety of deciding “what” to do, to a more patient and relaxed wait for “when” to do.


Emmanuel also showed me how I would often allow some of my partner’s weight to ‘fall’ onto me before I then pushed the weight back to my partner. It was as if I used my body as a glove to catch a partner advancing towards me and store the weight like a spring before giving it back. This approach can work sometimes, but he showed me the value of putting my weight on my partner immediately, rather than trying to catch it first. Putting weight on my partner in this fashion was different than my usual way of working, and more efficient. I felt like I was giving a serious no-nonsense message: “No, I’m not giving you an inch”. It also provided a sense of personal confidence Systema style. This gave me an interesting frame of reference for not being accommodating when I want to take a decisive and deliberate stand in other areas of my life. ~ by Mark Fan

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