Benefits of Martial Arts – Step Forward and Upward


Most people allow their fears to cause them to avoid risk, even though without risk not only is there no reward, there’s no joy! Joy (or happiness) is what fuels us and its absence – boredom – is what devour us.

Whatever we fear most, we need to do. The thing that scares the hell out of us is precisely what we should be doing. Unfortunately, we live in an anti-fear society where we are averse to experiencing anything uncomfortable.

But you don’t have to be like “most people”. If you’re serious about being successful, about leveraging your fear into excitement and fortune, then you’ll try Systema at FightClub. If already training at FightClub then you need to ‘push it’ – Push into the Systema Curriculum. It has so much to offer but you need to WORK! If not, perhaps you’re just not serious enough right now and are more content to remain comfortable.

As for me the benefits of martial arts – I’m routing for your better, purer, more adventurous and successful self to step forward and upward. Hope to and see for yourself first hand. New Members Welcome!

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Archery – Commitment is the Key


Commitment is within every successful person – you’ll find it in every single one of them. With businessmen and women, they’re committed to becoming the strongest in their field. With sports players, they’re committed to training every day and being able to play the sport professionally. With writers, they’re committed to writing even when the tough days come around. As soon as the commitment had been made, the passion became more than just a hobby for these people and they promised themselves successes.

If you want to improve your archery shooting this year, take this simple first step and commit to your training on Monday’s and Friday’s. Practice a little at home with the bands or watch the many good Olympian Archers (on Youtube) and you’ll have the motivation to get through the tricky days (and weeks, months, and years)!

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Self Defense – Success in 2020

Tips for Success in 2020

1. Don’t set realistic goals, you will never realize your full potential that way. Real Take realistic steps, but keep dreams and goals big! “No bird can soar too high, if he does so with his own wings.”

2. No one ever got anywhere by complaining. When you feel the pull to get sucked into negative drama, move on. While others argue about the impossibility of their situation, keep your tongue, and your integrity, and take action. “Don’t quack like a duck. Soar like an eagle.”


3. Mistakes are a normal part of the learning process in life and self defense, once they’re made don’t dwell on it. Use them as an opportunity to grow. Like an arrow must be pulled back to launch, once you miss the target, pull back and take another shot. “You can’t turn back the clock, but you can wind it up again.”

4. No fortune ever came to us if we did not exert ourselves. Work hard and long, and opportunities suddenly cascade. When opportunities doesn’t come knocking, start building more doors. “The harder I work, the luckier I get.”


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Kid’s Martial Arts Lessons – Good Study Habits


Good Study Habits

This self—mastery usually does not happen automatically, but it can be learned by almost any student with correct study rules and a good study environment.

While the subject matter, can be mastered with or without a teacher, the student who masters it without a teacher learns something more. He/she learns to teach himself. Kid’s martial arts lessons should re-enforce good study habits.

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Archery Classes – Gain a New Perspective

Another year or archery, Yahoo!!!

In January I like to ‘relearn’ all the things I learned throughout the year and see if I can discover things in a new way or perspective.

Archery can teach you a lot much about yourself but you got to get your head in the game. This mentality is so important to develop when come to archery practice. Don’t just come to archery classes and shoot arrows at targets!

Study the Archery Shot Cycle is a good starting point to becoming a proficient and skilled archer.

BUT Knowing the basic archery steps (10 in total) is not enough!

After you have learned the individual steps you need to put it all together into a shot sequence. This is your key to success.

Learn how to turn the basic archery steps into a winning sequence for YOU.

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