Children’s martial arts lessons – Patience


Patience is very important when you are learning martial arts. There will be days when your training is going to be terrible, and other days when your training is going to be great. This is a normal process because your body and your mind are both adapting to the challenges of the drills presented in class. Children’s martial arts lessons will challenge all kids. Don’t let any of this get in your way and you will achieve excellent results.

When you feel frustrated make a real effort to focus on the basics during those times. This will help you a lot. Just remember that your practice should be consistent and daily if possible, to get the best results.

What does back to the basic mean?

Lots of Breathing, Maintaining Posture, Good Movement and Stay Focused. Plus, don’t be afraid to slowing things down and enjoying the lesson being taught. Even if you cannot do them perfectly yet.


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Kid’s Martial Arts Lessons – Growing through Boredom

When our children grow up, we won’t be there every moment of every day. We won’t be able to entertain them or to fill their schedules with educational events. At some point, we have to let go and hope for the best.

That’s why kids need to learn how to motivate themselves. Letting them be bored plays a big role in learning that skill. Boredom gives children practice in making their own decisions and finding ways to be interested in what’s going on around them.

Only boring people get bored. That’s one of the most important life skills a child can learn. When we spend all of our time entertaining our children, they never have to learn how to entertain themselves.

We may think we may always need to be there for them, but there’s actually no link between the amount of time you spend with your kids and how they turn out. They don’t need us to be there every minute. They need to learn how to handle things themselves.

Giving our kids too much attention can create some major problems. Inadvertently, it can teach them that they’re the focus of the world and that everybody’s here to serve them. It can also cause kids to accept an identity developed by their parents, instead of developing their own. Kid’s martial arts lessons at FightClub helps kids understand how this concept.


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Benefits of Martial Arts – Mo-vember at FightClub


Attention Men – The month of November is dedicated to your Health!



You know there are so many benefits of martial arts training. I’m sure you have even mentioned it to your stressed and overworked friends, but still they have not come to try classes … Why? Time to be a good friend and get them to see things from a better perspective.

All they need to do is grow a moustache or beard and get free training for the month of November. Forward them this email and lets see if we can ‘Save a Bro!’

The benefits of Systema Training at FC so amazing! Ideal for any fitness or health levels, so why not bring a friend? Think about the Movember Canada slogan … “Grow a Mo, Save a Bro!”

Let show everyone what an EVERLASTING IMPACT Systema training can have on mens health

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Children’s Martial Arts Training – Boring?


Children’s martial arts training can be boring. So what …

Letting your children be bored can be terrifying the first time you do it, but it’s a lot easier than it seems. They’ll complain at first. Just wait a few minutes and they’ll find something to do on their own. That’s more than just okay, it’s an essential skill they’ll need for the rest of their lives.

Boredom is something we fear, but it’s a major part of our lives. And making our kids handle it head-on just might be one of the best things we can do for them.


Boredom improves creativity

The mind doesn’t always go where we want. It likes to wander, especially when we’re trying to get it to keep still. And it’s never more active than when it has nothing to do.

Countless studies have shown that people are more creative when they’re bored – and that’s true for our kids, too. It’s just how the human mind works. When our minds are bored, they start to daydream, and that daydreaming sparks creative thought.

When our kids have nothing to do, they exercise their imaginations and that just might be the most important skill they can develop. The workplace our children are going to enter is changing rapidly, and we don’t have the ability to prepare them for that world. It’s going to take a lot of creativity to adapt.

Stay tuned for more information about what boredom can do for the kids!


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Archery Lessons – Practice makes Perfect


Have you ever wondered how the best archers in the world spend their practice time?

Practice makes perfect – this is the best way to describe anything that you want to learn to do properly. I have made all kinds of mistakes when practicing with the bow and arrow. All of them could have been prevented if I had known a few important things. This is the reason why I decided to write a blog about proper practice.

I would say that experience helps you learn proper practice techniques. At the same time, it’s good to learn without having to experience trial and error. This is going to save you a lot of time and frustration. It’s really up to you if you want to go into this journey without much help. Some people like figuring things out for themselves when it comes to technique.

The reason why the title reads, “practice like you compete” is that you need to take your archery lessons seriously even if you don’t compete. Over the next few week’s I will be sharing my personal tips to help you make your practice time more valuable.


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