When Will I Begin to Fly?

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Hey FC Crew,

A new student asked me last week ….


 “Emmanuel … you look like your flying when you train. When will I being to fly?”


Reflected a lot about his question last weekend and thought I would share it with all of you. 


Success isn’t about waiting around for results. It’s about having a relationship with the process that leads to the results. This fast-food culture we have doesn’t help much to strengthen patience. We want things to happen now and get frustrated when they don’t materialize quickly enough.


We forget most of the superstars we know of and celebrate were on the grind for years before they made it into the public eye. Athletes are training all year, even if the official season lasts only a few months. Even relationships aren’t created instantaneously. They take time and are built piece by piece. 



If you have high expectations coupled with low patience, be prepared to be continually disappointed. Don’t be afraid of the time that it takes to accomplish things. The time, however, spent, will pass regardless. Nature doesn’t movie our pace – we’re subject to its movements and the laws that govern it. The more we understand and respect the nature of time, the better we are to benefit from what it can offer. 


“The moment we understand and respect how gravity works is when we begin to Fly” 


See you at FightClub,



The Beach Theory – Fight PodCast

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Put yourself in a place where you can easily access everything your martial art can do for you. Listen to Emmanuel talking about this interesting perspective something me he calls … ‘The Beach Theory”.


Listen to ‘The Beach Theory’ Fight PodCast




Positive vs Negative Power

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This is the basis of everything that I teach. 

When I’m stuck on an idea, this is what I come back to.  When I’m teaching, this is the first idea I teach.  When I’m doing a seminar, this is the most important thing I need students to understand.

Our bodies are creating energy, which we give to the hands and feet to get moving.  Our bodies move to create the energy, but not all energy that we create is GOOD energy.

I talk about Positive and Negative power.  Positive Power is energy that is created by our bodies that flows towards our training and our goals in life. This kinds of energy help us become a force of good, because it originates from a good place. 


Negative Power is any energy that our body is creating that is flowing in any direction except at our training and life goals. Think about it.  Why would you want to create energy that is going to AWAY from your goals?  

Now, I know that negative energy is going to happen at times, but our goal is simple.

We want our training to generate as much positive energy (energy going towards training and life goals) and eliminate as much negative energy (energy that goes any direction other than our training and life goals) as possible.

But you are probably thinking to yourself but “negative energy happens all the time, is it really that big of a deal?”

This is the reality of martial arts training.  It is hard.  But that doesn’t mean that we give in and just do whatever is comfortable.  Quite the opposite.  We engrain better habits and learn to fight to get as many positive things working for us as possible. 

So when you aren’t sure what a part of your body should be doing when you are training, remember the simple (but challenging) idea of positive power, and try to generate as much of your energy (or effort) towards what you want, not away from it.


Auto Reactors & Seminar Information

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Our hands are auto reactors, providing some of our body’s quickest muscle reaction. If we hold our hands up and pop our wrists, we can do that repeatedly very quickly. If someone were to throw a punch at us, our hands would quickly and automatically pop up in defense.

I was a baseball player in my younger days, I don’t have to think about a ball thrown to me. My hands react to the direction of the ball and make the catch without having to think about it. My hands automatically go to the ball without any thought or direction. Yes, the hands are auto reactors. Now, let’s apply this to our martial arts mechanics. Here is a little clip from class last week where I talked about trusting your hands. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1T3o7P7iWAY&t=70s

Hope it helps you,




Upcoming FC Seminar

Desirable Difficulties

“A seminar about dealing with frustrations and growing from it”

Saturday July 20th, 2019 from 1-4pm

Cost: $100 – To register email systema@fight-club.ca today.


Forge Resolve

Work with inner conflicts

The Paradox of Control

Wealth of Options

Complexity of Challenges

Transformation of Frustration

Recovering Harmony


In training and in life we are looking for ‘Desirable Difficulties’. These are challenges that we initially frustrate us but if used properly will help us grow. This seminar will help you in so many ways – I guarantee it!



Keep Your Balance – Fight PodCast

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Definition of Balance

“An even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady”

“A condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions”


Listen to Emmanuel take about the importance of developing balance in this week’s Fight Podcast.

Keep your Balance – Fight PodCast


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