Change & Changing


If someone were to ask me how to define Systema, more than likely I would use the words ‘change’ in the definition. Without change, there would be no life and without life, there would be no Systema.

Change is the lifeblood of training for all Systema students, if you cannot accept this you cannot see all that we need to see; nor will you understand all that we need to understand.

Change can be seen consciously, but change itself is not a conscious phenomenon. It happens at all levels and occurs as it will. There is no starting point for it; nor is there an endpoint. The expression of change is continuous. It never stops. If I have a talent in Systema is mostly due to the fact that I understand change and have the capacity to recognize change more than most. Something I developed from a young boy. So to me, Change is a survival strategy, and naturally so. All life, no matter what merit we attach to it, will disappear if it cannot change.

Leonardo Da Vinci said it best …“Art is never finished, only abandoned”

I believe the same of Systema.

Change is a good thing,


Here is a picture someone took of me last week when I was not looking. Can you see me changing?

Look closely because I have used a stick many times during training. I was trying to change what I know about it. Something for you to ponder….

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