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Chess makes Kids Smart

April 2, 2019

Hey FC Parents & Kids,

I’m so happy that you bring your kids to FightClub. The Youth program is exploring new and exciting ground through Systema, so keep bring the kids regularly. Along with martial arts training when my kids where young I taught them to play chess and for years we played a game every night. It was such a good time and it felt like my kids got smarter.

Chess makes kids smart

Patrick S. McDonald, a great lover of chess and the Youth Coordinator for the Ontario Chess Association, compiled a series of papers and research that highlights the benefits of chess, especially as it relates to education.

Honestly, there isn’t much negative to say about chess. It is an inexpensive game, a great opportunity for socialization among many different age groups and levels.

It forces students to slow down, concentrate, use precise thinking, active both inductive and deductive reasoning, as well as recognizing difficult and complex patterns.

Teachers who are in charge of children with mental and physical disabilities can also benefit from chess. It is a game that does not discriminate, and no matter what level you learn to play, it helps children to understand that “losing” the game is as valuable as winning.

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