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Drudgery, Boredom and Fatigue – Don’t Fall Prey to it!

August 19, 2020


For the past 6 months, our lives have been absorbed and altered due to the pandemic. A lot of you have had to make many sacrifices (and continue to do so). I think most of us would agree that we are approaching the drudgery, boredom, and fatigue stage now. We have watched all the movies on Netflix and complete most of our home and garden projects. Now what? I can tell you what? We need to get back to focusing on our lives!

Covid-19 is a part of our lives now and we will all come to terms with whatever we need to do, but each one of us has a very special life to live and we need to get back to the task of living. I’m not talking about just getting by either. I’m talking about growing, prospering, and thriving.

The enemy of improvement is neither failure nor success. The enemy of improvement is boredom, fatigue, and lack of concentration. The enemy of improvement is a lack of commitment to the process because the process is everything. This lesson is repeated over and over every time students come to practice at FightClub. It’s amazing what can be accomplished with just commitment.

“Warriors don’t give up when faced with a setback, they adjust”

Don’t let this pandemic stop you from learning, growing, and thriving. Don’t give drudgery, boredom, and fatigue a stage in your life. Committee yourself to the training and you will find Systema practice will help you, even throw a pandemic! Many changes have been made to FightClub’s training space, class schedule, class sizes, and curriculum focus to make all students feel safe and secure. Outdoor training continues throughout the month of August every Tuesday & Thursday night. Indoor classes will begin September 8th, 2020 for all FC programs including Adult & Youth Systema classes and all Archery classes.



Thank You Emmanuel


“Dear Emmanuel,

with great interest have I listened to yet another of your fascinating podcast messages, thoughts, and concepts to ponder, and watched your abundant video content. I only have been to one of your live-classes once, many years ago while visiting Toronto. Nonetheless, this all made and still makes a very positive impact on me.

I still apply as much as I can of what I learn, read, and see from your sources into to my life and practice. Without a doubt, it’s a challenging, yet fascinating journey to explore more and more of and about myself, as well as the immediate environment, and all sorts of communication with people, be it verbally, physically, or energetically.

It’s probably needless to say, yet I encourage you to keep going and inspire people of all walks of life. I appreciate your sharing in a way that’s open-minded, creative, clear, honest, and more.

I gladly send the very best wishes for your practice and good health.” ~ Frank


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