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Explain, explain, explain!

July 6, 2018


Youth Systema Training at FightClub

This is a topic that has generated significant attention and questions of late, so I thought I would share with everyone my thoughts and experiences.

I’ve been teaching youth (ages 8 to 15) at my school for over 10 years now. Repeated requests from enthusiastic parents convinced me to venture down this path. I will admit initially the thought of teaching such a deadly art worried me.

What to show youth?

Everything – just take the edge off it a little. I try to cover all the topics that we do in the adult class. I have found that the youth really enjoy the variety from class to class. In the very beginning, I tried to avoid scary or fearful topics, but I found it difficult, it was like I was lying to my students. I was assuming that they were not ready to understand. The reality is youth are born ready to understand.

Their understanding is phenomenal!

Over the next three weeks, I will be sharing some of the key points that have helped me develop this great program.

Here is the first one…Explain, explain, explain!

Youth are naturally curious and can really absorb information, so spend time talking about why your doing things the way your doing them. Be patient – they are listening, it just doesn’t look like it! In many cases kids are just tired of listening to their parents so another voice such as mine can really resonate, even though I’m sure you have said the same thing. Such was the care for me when I was a young kid. My daddy told me everything the way it was I heard it but was not listening. Influential teachers played a big part in developing my character and making me listen to what my father already told me. This is what I try to do with each child that trains at FightClub. 

Thank you for your dedication to this program. I am constantly developing it and looking for ways to give your kids the very best. If you know of other parents looking for something special to get their kids involved please feel free to forward them this email. 

See you at FC this week,


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