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Fear of Failure

June 28, 2017

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Don’t laugh it’s a big problem for many people! All crave success, and virtually everyone wants to succeed. However, there is a major obstacle many face when pursuing success — FEAR!

Fear can be described as a two-edged sword that can propel one for success at the same time it can be an instrument for one’s downfall or failure. Over the next three weeks we will be looking at a few things that might be responsible for your fears and active steps to be taken to conquer them all.

Have you experienced the feeling that you get when you see a successful person, that feeling of wanting to be like them? where you judgmental on how they achieved their success? That feeling is normal but one thing I realized from years of training is that many tell their stories as a journey of being relentless, countless hours of unseen hard work and consistency. Successful people take the bull by the horn and work towards achieving success. Success is usually never given on a platter of gold; it is something you work towards every single day.


Fear of failure: No one likes to fail. Failure has no friends. Nobody identifies with failure. Due to this, the fear of failure remains deep in everyone’s heart even in the so-called successful ones. The fear that they might one day be pushed out of the top, therefore they do everything in their power to see that they maintain the number one spot. Statistics has it that the chances of failure are greater than chances of success but that notwithstanding success is still possible if only you can work towards it. Conquering this particular fear is straightforward, all you have to do is channel your positive energy towards what you have in mind to achieve rather than having thoughts you will fail. You are not a failure you are a conqueror.

There is a t-shirt I saw years ago that said it best… “You win, or You Learn”. If you have this attitude embedded into the very fabric of your soul then you will be able to handle the fear of failure. Students and friend alike often ask me how I ‘got so good’? or ‘learned so much’? My answer is always the same… Because I lost and learned a lot.

Like all things you need to practice them to get good. So apply this going forward during your Systema training at FightClub.

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