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Get a Grip!

January 17, 2019


New archers have a tendency to “grip the bow”. It may have something to do with the name of the part (grip) that we hold.

When you wrap your fingers around the grip there is a tendency to “clench down” or grasp the grip in our hand when the bowstring is released.

It is a normal, instinctive reaction to “grab the bow” so it does not fall from our hands. In the process of clenching the grip, the riser will twist (torque) or rotate. The problem is, we tend to clench the grip before the arrow shaft has completely left the arrow rest and cleared the riser.

The action of clenching the grip will twist or torque the riser in the bow hand and steer the arrow “off course” from our point of aim.


* Focus on relaxing the fingers and thumb and avoid clenching the grip when the arrow is released.

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