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Getting Outside for Training & This Week’s Systema Stars!

June 11, 2020


Hey FC Parents & Kids,

I hope the kids are enjoying the online training. The live training sessions have focused on the importance of breathing, moving, being active, and at the same time developing an internal and external understanding of Systema – Russian Martial Art. As I’ve always said, “don’t work out, rather work on yourself.” This is the key difference in Systema physical training from other forms of activity.

Check out one of the classes from this week’s training.

Wednesday, June 10th Youth Live Training Session 



Are the Kids Interested in Getting Outdoors to Train?

It does seem highly likely that we will be able to train outdoors in the near future.  If that is the case we should be ready to take full advantage of that … Are the kids Interested in Getting Outdoors to Train?

Something like 6-6:45 pm a few times a week …Tuesdays & Thursdays?

* Let me know your thoughts before this Friday, June 8th *


Congratulations to Gabrielle, Sophia & Cristina! 

They are this week’s Systema Stars! Remember every week I will be looking for a Systema Star so Work Hard!


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401 Donlands Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada : 416-200-0200

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