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Going Fast the Right Way & This Week’s Systema Stars!

June 4, 2020


Hey FC Parents & Kids,

In this weeks’ Youth Live Online Training we have been talking about Speed. Having the kids understand how they can speed up the right way, without sacrificing safety, learning, and proper form.

Once understood kids can apply this concept to all kinds of sports. There is nothing wrong with going fast, you just need to make sure the source of the speed comes from a good place. Here is some of the footage from Monday’s & Wednesday’s classes check it out!

Monday, June 1st Youth Live Training Session 

Wednesday, June 3rd Youth Live Training Session 


All the kids are working hard, but two in-particular has been putting in a great effort. Congratulations to Katelyn & Noah for being this week’s Systema Stars! Remember every week I will be looking for a Systema Star so Work Hard!


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