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Holding Steady

October 11, 2019


While playing archery, how to hold steady a bow is a popular question. I summing up the answer like this … maximum relaxation is the key to keeping the bow constant. If you bend a muscle, it shakes; it would be stable if you would relax your muscles. You cannot relax completely, but by using the skeletal system, you can relax most of your muscles because the bones should be stable as well as the muscles.


You should use the muscles that are larger and strongest, the ones closest to the spinal cord, to hold up and back the body. The farthest from the backbone, the less steady it is. Relax your arm and let your bow shoulder hang from the bones of your shoulder. The sight pin and forearm of the release hand must be relaxed, and the elbow should be pretending to do everything. This is used to hold back and up with a large muscle between the shoulder blades. Concentrate on rest factors and your steady arch, once you achieve the anchor position.

Finally, you’ll never be steady if you shoot a bow with tension. So try and feel as relaxed as you can. Pull back and settle into your shot, let the arrow fly with relaxation.

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