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Important FC Archery Program Update

May 10, 2020


Hey FC Archers,

These are definitely unprecedented times that are upon us. Many of you have been asking me when the archery program can resume. The short and long answer is I do not know (I wish I did).

Never-the-less I have been working away making improvements to the archery range and working on archery learning and training videos.

Check them out … Ten Steps to Shooting.


I have a question for everyone …

Would you like to start live online archery lessons? 

If yes then I would need you to pick up your bows from FC plus I could give you all some exercise bands as well. I believe we could cover off a lot of archery form, theory, and technique without actually shooting the bow for about 6 weeks. By then, hopefully restrictions will be lifted and we can continue training at the range.

Please respond to me before May 15th.

Thank you,


toronto systema training

401 Donlands Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada : 416-200-0200

FC Archery News


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