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Is stretching good for you?

October 7, 2020


There are many benefits to regular stretching. Not only can stretching help increase your flexibility, which is an important factor of fitness, but it can also improve your posture, reduce stress and body aches, and more.

Watch Emmanuel’s video series on Stretching – It will help you to start a stretching routine that supports your overall well-being and Systema practice.

Being Dedicated

All dedicated athletes get inspired, but not all athletes dedicated. Being dedicated is “staying the course” amid the storms of uncertainty. It’s not about disciple or motivation. Some people are inspired for a few minutes or days, motivated for a few days or months, yet dedicated for a lifetime. Dedication is the devotion to a certain way, the lifestyle, in order to make the most out of oneself.

To me, being dedicated is that spiritual space that embraces failures, fatigue, setbacks, mistakes, frustrations, suffering, sacrifice on the journey of being the best you can be!

Systema has provided me a lifetime of ‘gifts’; dedication has been the great one.


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