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It’s Time We Face the Facts..

March 16, 2018


Hey FC Parents,

Hope you are enjoying the march break week. Just getting ready to take my kids to the Sportsman shop today. It’s a great event that I have been going to for years. One of the reasons I love it so much is that it’s all about outdoor sports like fishing, canoeing, camping and hiking. The great outdoors is so good for the kids, especially there mental health. Mental health has been a topic that I have seen grow year of year for everyone (not just kids). It’s time we face this head on – kids these days are not alright – Here’s are the unsettling fact.

Some of Canada’s most-renowned universities, with a student population the size of a small city, is chronically reliant on philanthropic donations to meet the demand for on-campus mental-health programs. Let’s think about that for a second.

That’s the reality facing most Canadian post-secondary institutions. Ontario-based colleges alone spend $165-million more for mental health services than they receive in provincial funding.

It’s unacceptable. Especially as rates of anxiety, depression and suicide surge in our country’s student population.We’re shortchanging our next generation. Canada’s universities and colleges are at the frontline of a mental-health crisis.

We as parents need to give our kids the tools to deal with this stuff not as it happens, but before! The training and mentoring I give the kids through Systema at FightClub really helps and works! I guarantee it. The breathing, moving, talking and laughing all have proven benefits and results not found it many other activities that kids do. As a teacher, one of my main goals is to prepare kids for the futures and give them the tools to thrive (not just survive). How many of your kids have a teacher like this?

Please share this with fellow parents. Now is when we need to act. Not when it happens… See you next week!


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