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Keep A Routine, Stop Watching the News and On-Line Training

April 14, 2020


Since changes in routine can be stressful, it will be helpful to talk with your kids about why they are staying home and what your daily structure will be during this time. Let them help create a daily schedule that can hang on the refrigerator or somewhere they can see it each day. Be sure to include every aspect of the day.

Here are some ideas to help you create a daily schedule:

  • Wakeup, get dressed and have breakfast at a normal time.
  • Decide where everyone can do their work most effectively and without distractions.
  • List the times for learning (home schoolwork/reading), exercise (Live online FightClub classes at 1 pm) and breaks.
  • Have dinner together as a family and discuss the day. Enjoy more family time in the evenings, playing, reading, watching a movie or going for a walk together.
  • Stick with normal bedtime routine as much as possible during the week to make sure everyone gets enough sleep.

Try not to have the news on all day. It is best not to have the news on while kids are in the room as it can increase their fear and anxiety (and yours!).

Kids Live Online Training Session a big hit!

I have now set-up Fight Club’s Online Live Video classes so that we use the same link every week. This link is very important so please save the link.

Youth classes on Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 1-1:35 pm. You can join the classes by just click here: https://zoom.us/j/901659039?pwd=TFJBL0tJOCtOYUVNL21sdG13MzFIZz09

Parents if your kids have not joined in on the training they are missing out. I am surprised at how much we can accomplish – Let the kids come check it out!





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