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Focus is important in everyday life. Without focus, it is incredibly difficult to think clearly or get important activities accomplished. Parents if you know of other parents that have kids struggling with ‘focus’ forward this email to them – SYSTEMA at FightClub may be your ticket!

The way SYSTEMA at FightClub build FOCUS

Consistent Instruction on How to Focus

Kid’s martial arts lessons are structured in such a way that they are different. No two classes are the same and therefore kids need to pay attention and focus a lot more then if they follow a routine. Warm-ups, lessons, and drills are physical as well as mental challenging – this sharpens the mind!

Consistent Instruction on What Focus Is

Focus requires consistency and practice. I use repetition and respect to establish the focal points that lead to sharper and more focused minds.

Individual and Group Effort

SYSTEM is very much focused on each student learning to ‘know yourself’. Warm-ups and exercises give a lot of individual effort based achievements. While partner and classes drills build communication and group effort based achievement.  This leads you to focus on both individual and group levels.

Posture and Breathe

During classes, kids are taught the correct posture and breathe. Good posture and breathing certainly affects all life aspects. Power, strength, confidence, and FOCUS all come from good Posture and Breathe.

“Focus is not a habit, its a skill”.

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