Knife Fighting Techniques With Systema


Knife – (Noun)

A cutting instrument consisting of a sharp-edge often-pointed blade of metal fitted into a handle or onto a machine.

A similar instrument used as a weapon.

Knife Fighting Training

In the Russian Martial Arts, time is spent almost every class understanding knife applications – how to hold, carry, draw, throw, and attack with a knife as well as defend a knife attack.

Knife Disarming Techniques With Systema

The major objective of any confrontation is to ensure one’s safety without killing or severely injuring the assailant. During training, students are taught how to gain complete control of an opponent using the flat side of the blade and the knife’s handle. Pricks with the blade’s tip are also explored.

Students will discover the unique and amazing training methods taught to the Spetsnaz, professionals that are impervious to the torment of battle and are able to overcome seemingly impossible situations.

Emmanuel Manolakakis, a 12 year veteran of the Russian Martial Arts will show you everything you need to know for cutting-edge self-defense. You will learn to conquer not just a sharp blade, but even greater threats: your own stiffness, vulnerability and fear

  • No patterns to practice.
  • Instinctive moves that develop your body’s natural capacity to defend itself in any situation.
  • Defense from all positions, directions and types of knife strikes, slashes, grips and levels of body contact.
  • Learn the military moves that work with subtle, quick, direct and deadly actions.

For Training Purposes Only

A knife, like all weapons was initially designed as a tool and then was either used or modified into a weapon. Your own personal training should take on a similar approach. Spend time playing or exploring with your knife. Always ensure that you carry it with safety. This may sound like a simple enough request but many individuals get cut by their own knife!
Knife Attack Tips With Systema
General Philosophy Of Knife Fighting

“It is not the knife that works against you but the person.”

“The style of a person’s knife will tell you lots about the personality.”

“You survive a knife fight. You don’t win.”

Knife As A Tool

1. Hold it in various grips – find one which is comfortable for you. Then pass it from hand to hand. Progress to walking than running with it in your hands while passing the knife from hand to hand.

2. Study and gain knowledge about the countless makes and models of knives available and there original function.

3. Study how to draw and place the knife into the sheath. Begin from a static position, then from a walk.

4. Go to the ground with a knife concealed on you. Then try this while holding the knife in your hand. See how the body and person behave in both these tasks.

Three Distances Of Defense Against A Knife

Your training must address all three of these areas in such a way that your body is allowed to react instinctively.

1. Far – A distance greater than reach. From this distance an individual could only throw the knife or observe someone caring a weapon.

2. Close – A distance that can reach you – but no contact has been made.

3. Contact – The knife has hit you in one form or another.

The Knife As A Weapon

1. Spend equal time training with the knife as an offensive weapon and defending against it. Training in this fashion will give you good appreciation for all the possibilities.

2. The range of the movement of the entire arm (wrist, elbow and shoulder) make dealing with knife strikes difficult. The weapon can change directions quickly and suddenly cutting both on the thrust and pull-back motions.

3. Find a knife that feels comfortable for you and start to train with it. Know how to use every inch of the weapon. This includes the butt end, hilt, sides, edge and tip. Understand the various grips both there advantages and disadvantages.


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