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The Hidden Benefits of Play

February 6, 2019


A big part of the Systema Curriculum at FightClub is the concept of play – and more importantly how to learn through play. In my option its one of the best ways of learning.

Don’t believe me? Maybe you’ll be more convinced after watching this wonderful episode of the Nature of Things called The Power of Play it sheds light on the hidden benefits of doing one of the most fun, and often undervalued, activities: just playing around.

We know the importance of play to learning for kids, but why not for adults? Many people have found it unique and perhaps even odd to see how much laughter and fun we have on the mats at FightClub. Countless research has shown that an environment of “Play” fosters accelerated learning.

Don’t train to reinforce the traumatic memories stored in your mind, it might seem like it gives you a ‘knee-jerk’ chance at survival. But in reality, you are paying a high cost of your life.  My hope is that you choose a newer and stronger emotional memory. You can choose to learn masterful performance in the climate of joy through play.

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