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Let the Stress Melt Away when You Shoot

September 19, 2019


Hey FC Archers,

Whether you’re a new archer or a seasoned pro, you can’t afford to forget one aspect of archery: mental focus.

One of the best things about archery is its meditative nature. You must concentrate while shooting a bow to succeed on the target. When you lose mental focus, it makes a huge difference in your body awareness, which affects how you shoot an arrow. Everything you do at the shooting line affects what happens on the target. So, it’s vital for archers to be mentally focused – and that helps you in other areas of life, too!

The solution: All other stresses seem to melt away as you concentrate on your technique for drawing the bow and executing a shot. That only happens if you breathe and concentrate on your shooting. At the moment before you raise your bow, take a deep breath from your belly and think about what you want to achieve with that shot. Keep your breathing even as you shoot the arrow, and stay focused on your movements, not the score. By keeping your mind calm and focused on your technique, you’re much more likely to hit the high scores you want!

See you Friday – Remember to keep your mental focus!


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