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’Letting-Go’ Mobility 3.0

January 9, 2019

Hey FC Crew,

Systema training is being used by so many people across the world to help restore pain-free movement into their lives. By focusing on proper breathing, developing good body awareness, creating mobility (specifically of the joints) and then through the whole body, Systema teaches each student how to ‘let-go’.

‘Let go’ of what? You might ask …

You see modern living is tough. As tough as any special forces mission (Maybe even tougher). Stress, worries, anxiety are real things and slowly killing us. Sitting for much too long is only make the problems worse. Add to all of that cell phone distractions pulling us even further down a dangerous road.

At FightClub I focus on health first! You see the real enemy these days is not guns or knives. Its stress and lack of movement. Toronto is a huge city with its big city problems. It’s an expensive city to live so we work a lot (far too much). In the middle of all this, we distract ourselves so that we don’t pay attention to the warning signs our bodies are sending us. What are the warning signs? Pain, stiffness and low energy.

What I do at FightClub is helps foster vibrancy in breathe and movement, from beginners to conditioned athletes, baby-boomers and millennials. After attending just one class with me, you will see the potential of how your breathing and movement can become more fluid and healthy. After all, exercise should not break down your body, it should build it stronger, give us a better quality of life and make us happier.

If you have any questions regarding Systema training or if you need help with any of your fitness/health goals for 2019, please feel free to email directly at I am always happy to assist in any way we can.

All the very best in 2019,



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