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April 25, 2019


Developing a strong technique takes time, coaching and the one ingredient that nobody can ignore: Practice. Fixing little mistakes, or nuances, that might make somebody less accurate is important – and who better to point them out than the archers and coaches who have been there, fixed that? Aiming is a real art in and of itself.

“Even though an archer is aiming at a certain point at full draw, they often lose the aiming point when they release” 

Many archers think about the line of the circle – but they must only focus on the centre sight pin and where it is on the target. Consciously focus on the release – subconsciously you focus on aiming.


Don’t aim too hard – Over aiming can be just as dangerous: Too much thinking, and aiming too much. The two are tied together. If you’re thinking too much, you’ll be aiming too much, and then holding longer

Both of these are only fixed with deliberate training – Guess what we will be working on this week? Hummmmm …

See you on the range this Friday.


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FC Archery News


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