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I know a lot of you are on vacation this month. Enjoy the time off -you deserve it! Many of you have asked me about training when on vacations so as to best prepare for training in September?

First and foremost you need to work on your end goals. Be clear and concise – what do you want to get out of training? This is different for each student. Knowledge, health, stress relief, fun, strength or maybe all of these things. Each individual person needs to figure these things out.

Those who haven’t trained at martial arts classes at FightClub would probably first wonder about the kinds of exercises that will bring their physical preparedness up. We might say in response, get yourself well hydrated, do your push-ups, squats, sit-ups, pull-ups, focus on breath control and so on.

Having said all this, for those who don’t “succeed”, the fault is rarely found at the physical level. In these cases, the physical is a student’s prime focus but the main culprit is often a weak spirit, neglected emotional system, and lacking psyche. They end up making excuses, not paying proper attention and getting hurt. Similarly, those who just come to pick up a particular skill, such as knife work, for example, will be disappointed.

But how do we even begin to define success?

We will say this: The students who benefit and grow the most are those without specific end goals- they are not training with anything specific in mind but more so for the journey – they are often passionate and nobody or ideology is forcing them to be there. Having said that, one of the notions that is very important to keep in mind is the idea that outside (as in exterior) motivators are often more stimulating than the “self”. Most exterior causes, such as pleasing your instructor, serving your country or team, sacrificing yourself for the greater good tend to drive students further than just doing it for your “self”.

The best end goal, should there be one, is to develop a strong spirit. Although.. some students come in with a strong spirit and find other things to work on, like the burden of ego or pride. The main trait that makes a student grow is the desire to learn -the right attitude- combined with an open mind, focus, and a willingness to push hard.


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