Martial Arts Clothing


There are no martial arts clothing at Toronto Fightclub. Most other martial arts have a specific outfit. It is a white, cloth uniform with grips on the sleeves and the lapel called a ‘gi’.

That sort of martial arts clothing is used to execute specific throws and chokes. Systema practitioners do not wear a gi. The closest thing we have to martial arts clothing is army pants and a Fightclub t-shirt. Students are encouraged to wear whatever they like. Just be sure that whatever you chose to wear is durable and easy to clean.
Martial Arts Clothing
A couple reasons have persuaded Toronto Fightclub to avoid using martial arts clothing. First, you will not often find yourself in a self-defense scenario involving gi-clad assailants. True, martial arts clothing can simulate a jacket, training you to fight comfortably in the winter and fall. But what do you do in the summer? Or in-doors, surrounded by people in jeans and a t-shirt?

Toronto Fightclub forgoes martial arts clothing because it is not realistic enough. Secondly, while training in martial arts clothing prepares the student for fighting under claustrophobic conditions, there are a number of ways to do so without the need of a gi. We train to work against multiple attackers and in crowd situations. From time to time, we also train wearing jackets and even move our classes outdoors. What we may lose in specific conditioning based upon martial arts clothing, we more than make up for in the diversity of our methods.


See SYSTEMA Martial Arts Training to learn more about training at FightClub.

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