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It is almost cliché to point out that major media influence our view of the world. We see things in movies, hear things on the radio, and read things in newspapers without every personally experiencing those things. Consequently, sometimes we get the wrong idea about what life is like. This is very much the case with martial arts.

Two things above all influence our view of martial arts: martial arts films and mixed martial arts competitions. Both tend to portray combat as a matter of aggressive upper cuts and left hooks with a lot of one-on-one grappling. But life isn’t like ONG BAK or CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON.
Martial Arts Films
At Toronto Fightclub, we respectfully request that when you think of martial arts films, you veer more towards THE BOURNE IDENTITY than BATMAN BEGINS. Fights happen on the street, in bars, and in homes, often in closed quarters and sometimes with people that you care for. Do you really want to take subdue a drunken friend like they were some villain in a martial arts film?

Toronto Fightclub wants to show you a form of martial arts in which all aspects of combat are considered. Yes, we teach the basics-striking, kicking, and grappling-but we also teach much more. Martial arts films lead us to suspect that a good roundhouse kick will protect us from multiple attackers, but a few classes at Toronto Fightclub will demonstrate to you that more subtle tactics are required if you want to survive such an encounter. Knives are not removed with kung-fu chops and attackers are not obliterated by rote memorized strike forms. It takes a lot to knock a guy out and even more to restrain someone who doesn’t want to be.

We teach you how to work with your opponent, to use his own energy and intentions against him. There are internal, psychological aspects of combat that martial arts films tend to ignore for the sake of fast-paced drama. We want you to put aside fear and to move as your body was designed. Toronto Fightclub offers more levels of training than you at first expect. Come in for a trial session and see what we mean


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