Martial Arts – Voices in your Head


The most damaging voice in your life is the one inside your head.

The voices inside your head have a strong impact on you, and sometimes you’re going to need to say shut up and change the dialogue. Your emotions as based on your mindset, so choose it wisely.

When confronted by multiple attackers (or multiple problems in real life) the pressure will cause all your fears and worries to surface. People start to image such crazy things and this causes such anxiety.

I don’t know what horrible things other people spit your way, but that stuff is effective only if it finds a voice within you to hold hands with. When Jason and Royal are coming at me – deep down inside I am happy for them and for me. I don’t see them as anything else but what they are … too good martial artist wanting to learn in this case.

Decide what you want to focus on in your martial arts training (or in life) and decide the conversation inside your head. When good things are being said inside, the bullshit that may come from the real world will have nothing to connect with …

Keep training hard and Fighting ‘the Good’ Fight,


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