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Movement as an Art

August 15, 2017

I like to think of the movements we use in Systema as a kind of ‘Battle Gymnastics’ to honour its martial heritage. Learning to move your body in space with smoothness, speed and power, has so many benefits to your life, not just fighting. Personally, I really love to move with that kind of “silent power”.

If you’re looking to burn fat or bulk up, sure, you’ll build muscle and lose body fat practicing Systema, but these are not their primary goals; much like the warrior physique is merely a by-product, not the intent, of fighting efficacy. The appearance is not the destination; just a part of the journey. You can appear to have a massive, powerful frame. You can look as if you could withstand any crisis. But without the malleable form, you will lack the ability to express that power. You will remain encased in a ‘prison of muscle’.

I’ve often alluded during class to the difference between “show muscle” and “go muscle”. If you want to look like a statue, that’s fine; but make sure that you don’t become one. Train to develop your movement with power, rather than merely appearing powerful. Power means nothing without the ability to navigate unknown, surprise obstacles and resistance with ease and imagination.

Movement seems easy, but don’t make the big mistake of rushing! Be fully compliant to incremental progression. Short cuts are plentiful but lead down the wrong path. We cannot make the progress shorter, but we can make it much longer, with significantly more severe consequences.

I cannot help you shorten the journey. No one can. But I can help you not lengthen the journey. I can help you lessen the severity of the consequences through Systema training at FightClub. I call to the mature warrior within you, to awaken! Come and train to find your movement and your power!

Yours in learning,

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