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No Archery Training this Friday

April 3, 2019

Hey FC Archers,

Congratulations to all the budding Olympic Recurve Archers at FightClub! Two weeks ago I held a little surprise archery tournament.  The kids learned a lot about shooting under pressure, scoring their arrows and competition. All in all there where 2 Gold Medals, 7 Silver medals, and 4 Bronze medals! Congratulations to everyone and remember to save your scorecards.

I will be away this Friday, April 5th so, unfortunately, there will be no archery lessons this week. 

The second archery session of the year (April – June) will begin on Friday, April 12th. Please bring $150 for the second training sessions – if your child needs extra arrows (sold in 6’s) add an additional $50 and I will pick them up for you.

See you next week,


PS – I’ve talked a lot about using ‘back-tension’ to hold and then release the arrow during your shoot cycle over the last few weeks. Here is a good quick video that explained it very good. Have a watch!



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