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Do you want to give your child everything in life you never had? Of course, you do; you want to give your child all of the opportunities that you didn’t have. That’s what every responsible parent wants for his or her children. However, it’s hard to keep up with all the new and expensive toys available today.

Can you imagine giving your child a gift that has twelve valuable life skills and one more benefit – on top of those twelve skills? As you already know, it’s not the latest iPod or Xbox, but your child will be very successful in life, as a result. You may have heard all this talk about life skills before, but the explanations were vague, so let’s make the explanations and results clear.

Life Skills are the self-improvement skills that we, as adults, need in order to be more successful in life; but children and adults can acquire them in a martial arts class. Adults usually visit the self-improvement section of a library, bookstore, or shop on the Internet, to reprogram their minds for success. Sometimes, adults stay with a self-improvement program, and many times – they don’t.

For children in their formative years, kids martial arts training has a very positive impact and shape their lives toward a path of continuous achievement.

Positive Thinking

Within a typical martial arts class, children learn to think about the next hurdle in life. The only hurdle to focus on is the lesson plan that their instructor presents for the day. The child can walk away from his or her class with a very positive feeling of gratification.

It is this repetition of focusing, learning, solving, and accomplishing that contributes to the positive mindset in all martial artist. When a parent reinforces these same habits at home, the young student learns that staying positive, in the face of adversity, will yield many benefits and solutions in life.

Stress Management

Children are no different than adults, and they are

subjected to more everyday stress than we were as children. This is why the studio is a haven for children and a place to leave stress behind and focus on simple tasks. For children, the class is quality time spent living in the moment, enjoying life right now, without worrying about the past or future.

Through steady Systema practice, children at FightClub learn to put stress aside and focus on getting the most out of life. They also learn that when stress comes their way, it’s time to work on solutions rather than become depressed about them. Young students accept stress for what it is and rise to the opportunity to become successful in life.

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