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Our Worst Nightmares Happen in Classrooms

August 27, 2019


There’s a reason why, even as adults, many of our worst nightmares continue to be set in classrooms or feature us naked and unprepared for exams: School is where a wide range of fears meet, mingle and multiply. No matter what age, all kids can use a gentle check-in from their parents about any anxieties they may be feeling.

“You want the child starting the year off in a confident manner”


Some Symptoms …

The hallmark of anxiety is avoidance of the thing that is scaring us; for kids, that means they simply won’t want to go to school. The most common way this manifest itself physically is a stomach ache, It’s not fake, either; it’s a real physiological response. “It starts the night before or the morning of as the stressor approaches. And if the child doesn’t go to school, the stomach ache goes away.”

Little ones …

To ease your kids’ fears, experts suggest mapping out the routine, even walking the route to school a few times. Some teachers will have had open doors this week, but even if you missed that chance, visiting the school grounds can still be soothing.

If you’ve been the parent or seem to be more attached with your four-year-old , it may be clear that she is going to meltdown as you try to peel her off you; send your spouse or an older sibling to walk to school with the child.

I says kids are never too young to learn simple deep-breathing techniques to calm themselves down – This is what I teach in the Youth Martial Arts Classes at FightClub.

Older kids

You thought you were in the clear once your kids made it out of kindergarten alive? Transitions to a new school – especially giant high schools for Grade 9 – can be tough for other reasons, including fears around failure, bullying, and hazing.

The anxiety of being at the bottom of the food chain can be paralyzing, It’s not uncommon to speak to teens who have not visited their lockers for six months because they have forgotten the combination. ”They say, ‘I don’t know who to ask.’ They’re afraid to look stupid.”

They are also in perhaps the toughest stage of human development, don’t forget. It’s an adolescent’s job to reject his parents. But he, too, may beg to stay home one day, paralyzed by anxiety. You can help them best by not pointing out this disconnect.

“Listening is the most important skill for these older kids. You may think you know exactly what is bothering them, but you might be way off base”

And once the lines of communication are open, resist the urge to share your own anxieties about high school. This is not the time to talk about drugs or sex.

Rule No. 1

Don’t let them skip school. “Parents have to be firm”. Consider going to school the best way to conquer the fears. “Every day you do it, it becomes easier.” Routine is critical for children of all ages. In this case, experts say, the goal is to make what was once scary totally boring.

What about you?

Don’t forget that your face is the ultimate mirror, Listen to your child’s concerns, of course, but “don’t be all weepy and sad yourself. I suggest telling your own stories about school jitters – complete, of course, with a happy ending.

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