Good & Poor Skills

Hey FC Crew,

When I watch most of your training during classes I notice lots of good things and of course some things that are not so good.

It seems like you are practicing the poor skills/moves with the good ones. I guess if they “work together, they are wired together”. It gets harder to benefit from the good moves because they’re bound to the bad ones.

I wish I knew how to surgically remove poor skills/moves from the good, you would not only avoid injuries, you’d be able to continue to progress and grow much faster.

The most important goal in all training is to fix poor form. Not every aspect of your form is bad; only a few. Remove those parts and practice them as individual exercises until they’re smooth and strong. Perform the whole exercise again, train that refinement, and you’ll always be self-correcting.

Systema Training at FightClub, as a movement science, teaches you how to extract the poor quality components, through proper breathing and movements you will learn how to remove a faulty part, retool it and insert it back into the whole, for increased efficiency and performance.

It’s time to say goodbye to poor skills, habits and moves forever!


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