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Pre-Shot Routine

October 12, 2017

It is very important to following a pre-shot routine ever time you shot. This routine aids in remembering to follow the steps of proper form in the correct order.

Here is an example of my pre-shot routine :

-Grip the Bow (Place the bottom Limb on the top of your shoe)
-Check you stance (feet are parallel)
-Nock the arrow – Grip the string
-Check posture while raising the bow Draw the arrow smoothly
-Push and pull (release occurs subconsciously)
-Follow through

Notice that all of the items in the list are physical steps and conscious thoughts. They remind you to perform the next step and keep you on a consistent track. That is a good thing. Running a pre-shot routine also occupies your mind, keeping you from becoming distracted by those around you or worrying about your score. The process aids you in both remembering to perform everything in a certain order and in maintaining focus.

Make sure you practice this on Friday!


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