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Real Learning Is Slow And Frustrating

June 11, 2019


‘The problem might be that kids are doing too well in school”

I’m sure you have a surprised look on your face right now. Hold on, I’ll explain…

Good grades are wonderful. But if they’re coming fast and easy, chances are your kid isn’t really learning all that much that they’re really going to retain. The research is clear: to really learn, studying must be hard. They even have a clever name for this: “good difficulties.”

“Some people argue that part of the reason Canadian, students don’t do as well on international measures of high school knowledge is that they’re doing too well in class”

What kids need is “good difficulties,” obstacles that make learning more challenging, slower, and more frustrating in the short term, but better in the long term.

This is what I focus on in the Youth Systema Program at FightClub.

So Parents, when your kids are frustrated in class, don’t try and help them. Challenges build grit, character, and humility (plus a lot of other things) don’t stop that, support it!

Something to think about …

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