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Respecting Spaces

May 14, 2019


Martial arts training space are considered sacred – from the mats to the walls. Most martial artist (old school ones like me) will bow when they enter a training hall (called a ‘dojo’) as a sign of respect to all that goes on there – the learning, the sweat, the blood, the tears, and the laughter. It’s so special and our kids need to understand this more. 

Kids are kids, without a doubt, but it’s our job as parents and teachers alike to teach them places are not theirs to rule. They belong to everyone, and we need to be considerate and keep them clean, follow the rules and do our part so that they, and others, can enjoy the privilege of using them. 

Libraries are not for trying out tap dancing or gymnastics, and we don’t start a game of tag in the grocery store. You leave a place the way you found it — or better. You must respect your surroundings.

At FightClub kids that come early to class should be warming up, or practicing things they learned before or even walking and talking with their friends. The same holds true for after class. I always encourage the kids to practice the things they learned – play time not some much. Remember the adult Systema class starts just after the youth and we need to respect there training time. 

If we don’t teach our kids how to do this, who will? We all need to lead by example and show them how important respecting shared spaces, and it needs to start at a young age. Hopefully, this will make it a habit sooner than later, although these teachings are not a one-shot deal. Children are the ultimate testers, even very well-behaved kids. They are always pushing the limits

We teach, then reteach, then reteach again. And it takes way more than a few times — it is constant. It is hard work, but it is worth it and necessary.

With much respect,


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