Self Defence Moves


You cannot fault martial arts gyms for advertising and teaching self-defence moves. Groin strikes, eye pokes, finger breaks, locks, and kicks are all potentially effective self-defence moves. However, they are not magical weapons; they will not always work. Sometimes, in fact, you might not even get the chance to employ them.
Self Defence Moves
The best self-defence move is movement itself. At Toronto Fightclub, we teach our students to move when faced with danger. The last thing you want is to freeze up when attacked. You want to calmly and deliberately create distance so that your self-defence moves are effective.

In addition to movement, Toronto Fightclub aims to show its students that they should not, even after creating distance, resort to memorized patterns, “moves,” or “moves.” We teach students to move with freedom and creativity, to improvise on the fly.

Often, circumstances are not ideal and we must make due with what is available to us. Commonly taught self-defence moves blind us to the wealth of possibilities present at any given moment.

You might be sitting at a table or stuck in line waiting for the washroom at your favourite Toronto bar when trouble strikes. Self-defence moves would be useless without the room to set them up. How can you use those disadvantages to your advantage? Come to Toronto Fightclub and find out.


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