Self-Defence Products


Self-defence products such as pepper spray and tasers are no doubt an effective means of deterring and subduing attackers. However, they are also potentially lethal and personally hazardous if not handled properly. They are also not always available immediately should you be attacked.
Self-Defence Products
Ideally, you would know how to defend yourself on the streets of Toronto without self-defence products. They are best used as a supplement to self-defence, not a substitute. The best self-defence product you can buy is a membership at Toronto Fightclub.

We teach students how to remain calm in an attack situation and to move out of harm’s way immediately. During that critical initial period you will be free to marshal your own weapons, whether they be self-defence products or a good, old-fashioned fist.

Without the sort of clear-minded yet instinctive defensive reactions taught at Toronto Fightclub, however, no self-defence product whatsoever will save you.


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